The time can be checked in many places, but only a few possess a watch that is distinguished by its elegance. The Nuku Hiva Watch gathers the elegance and distinction that the Maio Watch has. An exclusive, handcrafted, made out of black Sandalwood, of unique aroma and magical properties. Its shape is round, numberless with a black dial. Steel Japanese movement makes this masterpiece a secure and reliable watch.

You will receive it in a nice wood box with the brand's logo engraved on the top.

It is as exotic as the person who chooses to wear it!

Specs -  

  • Analog watch.
  • Measures: 4cm diameter; 1,1cm height.
  • Weight: 60g. Very lightweight.
  • Material: Black Sandalwood.
  • Color: Natural dark brown
  • Water-resistant / not waterproof. Don´t take a shower with it.
  • Movement: Japanese Miyota 2035
  • 4-year battery life.

Nuku Hiva Wood Watch

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