THE Mission

Camping On Mars aims to bring an “out-of-this-world,” organic, musical experience for all to explore the celebration of earthly entertainment. Mixing music with environment, culture, community and lifestyle.


Camping On Mars plans to spark social change through music, engaging in all forms of artistic expression and performance by highlighting underground and mainstream performances. 

Camping On Mars' mission is to be the centralized artistic networking site for all artists serving as the bridge that connects culture on Earth to those Camping On Mars.

The premise of our events is to feature artists from around the world and share their music with a global audience. Camping On Mars’ concerts will be streamed live and also archived and available on demand.

Camping On Mars is targeting the art community, musicians, and anyone who loves music.



What better place to experience an out of this world musical adventure than on Mars? Mars is a planet of mystery, where everyone exits on an even playing field – no previous culture or existence there—everyone exploring and coming together to survive in a new space. Camping On Mars will transport listeners to a new place different from where they currently exist.

We also thought about camping because we would want this musical organic experience to be nomadic. Camping On Mars plans to tour around the country and the world, allowing communities to see live performances, and those who can’t attend, can witness the experience virtually. Inspired by art and music legends, Camping On Mars is an out of this world experience that allows one to explore the celebration of all earthly entertainment.


We feel we have a social responsibility to support those in our community who need our help.

We believe in contributing to the community in order to share our success with others, support those in need to benefit local & global communities that are benefited through local sponsored events and fundraisers.

We believe our children are one of the most important and overlooked groups of artist in today's society and thus, we aim to target those organizations which support the needs of the Art's through children.